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The Weight Room specializes in designing comprehensive, individualized strength and conditioning programs to prepare for any type of physical endeavor.
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No matter what your sport specific goals are, we can develop a plan to help you achieve them.

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With training programs based on science and not fads, and equipment utilized in the interest of results and not industry buzz, we are the final step in your quest for physical excellence.

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We specialize in designing individualized training programs for everybody from every walk of life for any goal whether it be athletically driven or body composition improvement driven.

The Weight Room

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

USA Weightlifting Club Coach

Poliquin International Certification Program (PCIP) Level 1 Coach

Z-Health R-Phase Trainer

International Sports Sciences Association Certified Fitness Trainer

About Us

We are staffed with veteran strength and conditioning coaches who are certified through organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting, and USATF.


I have had the good fortune of working with many people who strength train with Dave. Keep up the great work Dave. Great Strength Coach!

Dr. Timothy Morgan Umass Boston Professor, Marchese Sports Therapy

I’ve been training for 8 months and thanks to my personalized plans have met all my goals. Dave has worked one-on-one with me to address the usual pain in my left shoulder and has taught me the proper way to train with balance around each joint so as to stay healthy and pain free. From…

Dan D.

Training with Dave Coffin at The Weight Room has taken my fitness to the next level. Simply put, I have become a smarter and stronger athlete. Realizing this is rewarding and keeps me coming back.

Marcy D.