"I have had the good fortune of working with many people who strength train with Dave. Keep up the great work Dave. Great Strength Coach!"

Dr. Timothy Morgan, Umass Boston Professor, Marchese Sports Therapy

“I’ve been training for 8 months and thanks to my personalized plans have met all my goals. Dave has worked one-on-one with me to address the usual pain in my left shoulder and has taught me the proper way to train with balance around each joint so as to stay healthy and pain free. From proper squatting techniques to planning out a week’s meals, what I’ve learned from Dave has changed how I look at working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Dan D.

“Training with Dave Coffin at The Weight Room has taken my fitness to the next level. Simply put, I have become a smarter and stronger athlete. Realizing this is rewarding and keeps me coming back.”

Marcy D.

"Anyone that has the opportunity to work with David and doesn’t would be doing there program an injustice as he has made my student athletes better prepared for their respective sports."

Coach John Butler, Marlborough High School

"I came to The Weight Room to take my fitness and strength to the next level. After month 1, I received a letter from the Mass State Police for a trooper candidate slot for the next academy class. The training Dave provided allowed me to have the supreme confidence that the test was almost a formality."

Chris B, Marlborough, MA

"Dave’s program helped Nick to develop the power, strength and endurance necessary to compete as a Division 1 collegiate wrestler! (As a former wrestler Dave especially understood what Nick needed to accomplish!) I was surprised to see Nick deadlift over 300 lbs at a bodyweight of 145lbs and perform 1000 vertical feet on a versa climber in just over 5 minutes! From a training perspective, what he has learned will help in his next four years of Division 1 wrestling at Cleveland State University."

Kelly F, Framingham, MA

"I am currently a freshman at Bowdoin College where I play football. I have spent the last five weeks...training at The Weight Room. After my first session, I knew I was at a place where I could gain a competitive edge on the playing field. I put on 8 lbs of muscle and saw significant improvements in my squat, bench, push press, and hang clean. I recommend The Weight Room for anyone who is willing to work hard and get in the best shape of their life!"

Charley A.

"I have known and worked with John for years now. He is dedicated to specialized strength & conditioning programs that lead the learning curve for his industry. As an athlete who has played hockey at almost every level, from Prep School, to Juniors, to Division I College hockey, I know what is required to get every last bit out of my body in order to be prepared to perform at the highest levels. Now that I’m a hockey coach, I can say without hesitation that John is the single best solution for achieving every player’s goals on the ice."

Brian Addesa - Varsity Ice Hockey Coach, Salem High School

"I have been a competitive TaeKwonDo athlete since I was 7 years old. Two years ago I injured my knee, which mentally and physically affected my performance in competitions. One of my coaches, Michael Tang, 2006 Heavy Weight National Champion, referred me to John On my first visit John evaluated me, told me exactly what my weaknesses were, and he was exactly right. He impressed me that first day and explained why I had developed unevenly in regards to my particular sport. He impressed me with his wealth of knowledge and understanding of the body. After only a few months working with John, I saw my body changing. For the first time since me knee injury I felt good again. I felt strong and healthy. John not only guided me through physical exercise he also spent time developing a nutrition plan for me. It wasn’t one of those impossible diets, but a reasonable and fulfilling approach to eating. As I continued to gain muscle, my body was loosing fat. I had a new sense of confidence that I had never had before. My TaeKwonDo training benefited from the transformations John made. I was faster, stronger and more agile. Overall I was in better condition than I have ever been in. Overall, John sets the bar high for trainers everywhere. His dedication, generosity, knowledge, compassion, and pure passion for training is notable. I am very thankful John came into my life. I appreciate all of the extra time and guidance he has given me."

Amy Maillet – 2009 USA Taekwondo Collegiate National Champion

"John truly helped my daughter to realize her full potential as an athlete. John emerged at a pivotal moment helping my daughter to increase her strength level almost immediately in preparation for her upcoming track and field season of her junior year. With his attention and detail and vast knowledge of strength training for athletes, she adopted a whole new mindset towards weight lifting, directly impacting her progress in all four throwing events. John was an integral part of the turning point of her collegiate career as a thrower. Through his advanced training methods and true understanding of the athletes mindset at all levels, she was prepared to enter her junior year striving to throw at a significantly higher level."

Kevin Daly

"As a licensed physical therapist who has worked with a number of combat athletes, I am always concerned that their strength and conditioning program be structured to not only enhance their speed, strength, power, mobility, etc. but also prevent injury. John does an outstanding job constructing programs that are physically challenging and test the limits of an athlete while being grounded in good science. His programs allow an athlete to meet his/her potential while decreasing the risk for nagging soft tissue injuries that can severely hinder any athlete’s ability to train. His workouts are sport specific, athlete specific and dovetail nicely with the athlete’s skill based training. John’s scientific approach promotes healthy results for his athletes which translate into better performances. I highly recommend John for any athlete who wants to train smart and boost their overall sport performance."

Keith Crowley, Ph.D., PT

"John was the best trainer I have ever had. During the course of a year, John not only helped me get back into the shape I was at during my prime, but past some of my goals in the weight room along with putting on muscle mass. In short track speed skating, it is not necessarily the fastest person who wins the race, it is the most powerful. John helped me achieve more power, with stronger stability, and faster reactions than I could have ever done anywhere else. I would put John next to the Olympic Training Center coaches!! Using Johns nutrition tips, I went from a decent 150 pounds to a lean and strong 160 pounds in under three months. I increased my squat and power clean, two important metrics for strength and power, by 75 and 40 pounds respectively. It was an essential part of my training routine, and it was by far the most confident part of my workouts. In the end, I dropped over 10 seconds off a standard measure time trial. When you’re shooting for Olympic Trials, that is a lifetime. I did it all with Johns help. Did I mention we worked all this while rehabilitating a herniated disc? Thanks again, John."

Nate Bolton

"I brought John Sullivan in to do some seminars for the NEMLEC SWAT Team specific to Police Fitness. He also helped prepare us for the Connecticut SWAT Challenge, which involves some extreme physical elements and ‘Strongman’ style events. Using the proper techniques for lifting, pulling and climbing saved us from injuries and gave us the advantage over the other teams. John has also trained officers preparing for the NEMLEC SWAT Tryout, which may be the most physically demanding tryout in the nation. I, myself, am a Strength & Conditioning Specialist but I have never known anyone with John’s knowledge of training."

Sgt. James Vaglica; NEMLEC SWAT